Join Hands for a Cause: Kidsly's Fundraising Partnership with Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Join Hands for a Cause: Kidsly's Fundraising Partnership with Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust


In a world where businesses strive for success, it is truly inspiring to witness organizations that prioritize giving back to the community. Today, we are excited to share the heartwarming news of Kidsly, a company that has made a remarkable commitment to make a positive impact. Kidsly has pledged to donate a portion of its revenue to Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT), a charitable organization dedicated to improving healthcare and supporting patients at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK. Join us as we explore this extraordinary partnership and the potential it holds to transform lives.


Empowering Children and Giving Back: Kidsly is a unique company that not only caters to the needs of children but also embraces a deep sense of social responsibility. Through their range of products on its online retail store, Kidsly strives to provide children with a safe, stylish, and durable children products. Now, with their latest initiative, Kidsly aims to extend their impact beyond their customers and contribute to a cause that directly benefits children facing medical challenges.

Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Enabling Exceptional Care: Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust has been a pillar of support for Addenbrooke's Hospital since its establishment in 1971. The Trust plays a vital role in funding medical research, investing in cutting-edge equipment, and enhancing facilities to ensure patients receive the best possible care. By partnering with Kidsly, Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust can further its mission of transforming healthcare and improving the lives of young patients. Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust is the fundraising arm of Addenbrooke's Hospital registered charity number: 1170103.

A Shared Vision for Impact: The partnership between Kidsly and Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust signifies a shared vision of empowering children and enhancing their well-being. By pledging a portion of its revenue to the Trust, Kidsly is demonstrating its commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of children in need. This collaboration holds tremendous potential to bring about positive change, both in terms of financial support and raising awareness for the crucial work carried out by Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust.

How You Can Contribute: As a customer, supporter, or someone passionate about making a difference, you can play a vital role in this remarkable partnership. Here's how you can contribute:

  1. Choose Kidsly: By purchasing products from Kidsly, you directly contribute to the revenue that will be donated to Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust. Every purchase becomes an opportunity to impact the lives of young patients.
  2. Spread the Word: Share the news of Kidsly's charitable initiative with your friends, family, and social networks. Help amplify the message and encourage others to support Kidsly, thereby generating more significant donations for Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust
  3. Donate today: Your donation will help make Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie even better.
  4. Get Involved: Explore opportunities to engage with both Kidsly and Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust directly. Attend fundraising events, volunteer your time, or consider organizing your own initiatives to support this worthy cause.

The Impact of Your Support: Your contribution through supporting Kidsly's initiative will have a direct and tangible impact on the lives of children receiving treatment at Addenbrooke's Hospital. The funds donated to Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust will enable the purchase of advanced medical equipment, the development of groundbreaking research, and the improvement of facilities, ultimately enhancing the care and well-being of young patients.

Kidsly's heartfelt commitment to donating a portion of its revenue to Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust showcases the power of business as a force for good. Together, they are working towards creating a brighter future for children facing medical challenges, ensuring they receive the best possible care and support.


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