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PODS is a brand dedicated to creating calming safe spaces for individuals of all abilities. We believe in providing inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and supported. Our mission is to foster emotional well-being and personal growth by offering dedicated spaces where individuals can freely express themselves and find solace.

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About Us


Growing up, I was a practical kid, always building dens in the woods, fashioning makeshift tents out of sheets and washing lines, and constructing fortresses from cushions. But what really fueled my creativity was my boundless imagination. I unabashedly played with figurines well into my secondary school years, immersing myself in imaginary worlds for hours on end…

My journey into understanding the impact of disabilities on family life began early, with experiences in the family. This awareness deepened when, as one of the older kids at school, I was paired with an autistic boy during lunchtimes. Witnessing his meltdowns and observing how he sought solace under tables to create his own space was eye-opening. I learned that creating a calm and relaxing environment, especially under pressure, was key to helping him….

This experience sparked the idea of creating a "calming safe space" where children could freely express themselves, have a space of their own, and transport themselves to another world.


Today, the PODS range continues to positively impact countless children, fostering imagination, learning, relaxation, and sensory exploration.